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Alsancak is an ideal place to live in North Cyprus

North Cyprus has many places of interest for both holiday makers and residents alike, but over the past few years, development has changed many of the lesser known parts into what are now better known on account of having, to a large extent, more attractions than they have had hitherto.

Alsancak (read "Alsanjack") is one such location. Situated six miles west of Kyrenia centre, the village has a lot to offer everyone. It has spectacular mountains which overlook the area and act as silent guardians protecting the area below, bearing the bulk of any rain clouds which may dare to hover over the area during the winter months. Away from the mountains is the beautiful Mediterranean Sea which has drawn travellers over the centuries, luring them to the shores of Cyprus as the last stop of "Europe" before entering into the Holy Ground in Israel.

Alsancak offers scenery, seaside, beaches, shopping, hotels, beautiful villas and apartments, holiday villages, casinos, restaurants from the small kebab house to the 5-star hotels dotted along the sea shore.

alsancakChildren can be seen arriving to both state and private schools on buses. Along the coast road, away from the centre of the older village are new shops in which you can find anything from a hammer to a hammock. In fact the area west of Kyrenia (Girne) is one on which funs are being concentrated and is ear-marked as the tourist area of tomorrow.

The area of Alsancak is growing to become an area where any holidaymaker can feel at home, whilst enjoying the aura of a truly Mediterranean holiday experience.

The actual boundaries of Alsancak are difficult to discern, but before one reaches the more popular beaches, one passes the metal archway which traverses the road from north to south, erected by the Mayor of Alsancak to welcome visitors on its overhead mini screen. The welcome is accompanied by temperature and news reports which changes almost daily.

The development of Alsancak is not just for tourism; there is a growth of affordable property, whether as first or second home, and all away from bustle of Kyrenia itself. Some of these properties are within walking distance of the sea, and others nestle in olive groves both north and south of the village itself.